Can Rats Eat Apple?

When having rats it’s important to try and keep them on a good diet. Your rat probably eats the basics like rat pellets and seeds and grains but since you’re here you’re probably wondering is it okay for rats to eat apple? The answer is yes, rats can eat apple but it’s best to avoid the seeds.

Are Apples Good for Rats?

Apples are a great treat to feed your rat. The pulp and skin of the apple is nutritional and healthy to eat but it’s best to not give any of the seeds to your rat as the seeds of an apple can be dangerous. The seeds of an apple contain traces of cyanide and if your rat eats too much of it, it can poison them and we don’t want that so it’s best to just avoid giving the seeds to your pet rat all together.

How to Feed Rats Apple

When feeding your rat apple, you should cut it up into little pieces so it’s easier for them to eat. It’s best to give apples to your rat in small quantities and remove any left over apple that’s in the cage to avoid it from becoming spoiled and affect your rats health. Rats have very sensitive stomachs and not feeding them in moderation could cause indigestion and diarrhoea so it’s important to look after them as best we can.

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