8 Rat Toys Under $10

Rats are highly intelligent pets that will get bored quickly without mental stimulation. One of the best ways to stimulate your rats mind and stop them from getting bored is the addition of toys in their cage. To help with this we’ve complied some rat toys under $10 so they won’t break the bank.


Rats love to climb. You can tie a ladder from one end of the cage to the other, increasing the space in the cage. Some rats may also chew them as well. Adding a ladder to the cage makes it more interesting to use and play on rather than the usual ramp you may get with the cage.


Hammocks are another great toy to add to the cage. Hammocks provide a place for rats to sleep, climb and also help to save space in the cage since they hang up out of the way. Some rats may find enjoyment and enrichment from the challenge of trying to get in and out of the hammock.


Tunnels are great for rats to run around in. Tunnels are good to use for making things like mazes which rats will enjoy running around in and through with other rats. You may need to change the tunnels around every week to help them from getting bored.

Balls to play with

Plastic balls with bells or balls that are chewable for rats are another toy that’s good to add to the cage for them to play with.


Ropes are another climbing toy that rats will enjoying playing on. Ropes are good for exercise and help to prevent overgrown nails.

Rolling toys

Rolling toys are fun for running around with as well as chewing. It helps prevent boredom because it can stimulate their mind and helps to stop problems like destruction of the cage. Having chew toys is essential because it helps wear down their teeth that never stop growing.

Toys on a stick

These are great to use outside of the cage. These are good to use for exercising as your rats will enjoying running around chasing after it.


Any boxes that you have at home like tissue boxes or shoe boxes are are an excellent toy to have. Rats will use these to sleep in, play in and chew apart. If you’re not wanting to use boxes you can find at home, you can always buy suitable boxes from local pet stores or amazon which can be used for the same thing.

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