Can rats live with hamsters?

Rats and hamsters are some of the cutest and cleanest rodents you can have as pets. Both being small in size and relatively easy to care for, rats and hamsters are very similar in terms of pets. However; does this mean they can be housed together the same cage?

In short; No rats can not live in the same cage with hamsters. Rats are very territorial creatures and will not tolerate other rodent species very well. Trying to keep a pet rat and hamster together will end badly with the rat most likely attacking and killing the hamster. We strongly do not recommend housing these rodents together as it is cruel.

Can rats and hamsters live in the same house?

You can have a pet rat and pet hamster in the same house as long as they have their own cages/ enclosures. This separates the rat from the hamster removing the risk of the rat attacking the hamster.

Rats and hamsters may be able to mingle under supervision outside of their personal territories in a ‘neutral location’. Be extremely if you decide to do this and ensure you are constantly supervising them to ensure there is no bad behaviors. If you are looking for a friend for your rat we highly recommend choosing another rat over other rodents as rats need company of their own kind.

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