What Litter Box do Rats Need?

Whether you call them a litter box, tray or pan, litter box’s in your rats cage are essential for keeping them clean and happy. With a wide variety of litter boxes available on the market it can be a little over whelming figuring out which one is right for your rat, so we’ve done the research to find out what litter box is best for your rats.

What size litter box do rats need

Rats require a litter box that is at least big enough to fit their entire body in. So for adult rats we recommend a litter box that is at least 9 – 11 inches in length. If you are looking for a litter box to fit in the corner the ‘lock-n-litter pan‘ on amazon is the perfect size for rats. For a traditional rectangular/ square shaped litter box for rats the ‘Geggur litter box‘ is just fine and includes a grate to keep the rats off the litter.

Litter box material for rats

The material you choose to use in your rats litter box can have a significant impact on your rats health. Using wood shavings in the litter box can lead to future respiratory issues like micro-plasma which is a serious danger to your rat. Wood shavings also don’t absorb urine as well as other litter materials and will go smellier faster and need to replaced very frequently. For this reason we do not recommend using Wood shavings in your rats litter tray or at all in their cage.

We recommend using commercially available litters like ‘kaytee critter litter‘ for your rats box or if you are after a environmentally friendly option you can not go past ‘Purina’s yesterdays news litter‘.

Rat litter box Training

Rats are intelligent pets that are smart when it comes to learning new tricks and learning to use a litter box is no different. We have created an in-depth article on litter training your rat here.

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