Feeding Almonds to Rats

Almonds are one of the most common tree nuts consumed by humans, but does this mean they are safe for rats? Technically yes, most rats will be able to eat almonds with no issues, however due to their nutritional content it is not recommended that almonds are a staple part of your rats diet.

Are almonds good for rats?

Like most nuts almonds are an excellent source of protein and energy. However being extremely high in fat, almonds can lead to long term health issues if fed in excess. As almonds are very high in fat, they should only be given to your rat as a small treat and not something that is in your rats everyday diet. When choosing almonds for your rat make sure to choose unsalted varieties as these have a lot less sodium which is bad for your rat in large quantities.

Be aware that some rats can have allergic reactions to particular foods so when giving your rat almonds for the first time make sure to monitor them closely for any signs of odd behavior. If you notice any odd behaviors after feeding your rat almonds inform a vet immediately as this can be a tell tale sign of an allergy.

How to feed Rats Almonds

Almonds can be feed whole, raw or roasted, as a treats if desired, although when chopped up almonds are easier for your rats to handle whilst eating. If feeding rats almond in the form of almond butter the same potential choking hazard as feeding them peanut butter occurs, to see how to safely do that click here.

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